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Period tracking apps have become increasingly popular. They come equipped with features that provide valuable insights, such as cycle tracking, period predictions, and fertility tracking. Incredibly useful for those trying to conceive, avoid pregnancy, or simply gain a deeper understanding of their menstrual health.

However, with the vast number of period tracker apps available, it can be challenging to determine which one is the safest and most reliable option. In the digital age, period tracking apps have revolutionized the way women monitor and manage their menstrual cycle. These apps come equipped with features that provide valuable insights, such as cycle tracking, period predictions, and fertility tracking. They can be incredibly useful for those trying to conceive, avoid pregnancy, or simply gain a deeper understanding of their menstrual health.

Which Period Tracker App Should You Trust?

When choosing a period tracker app, it’s important to prioritize data privacy. Look for an app that follows privacy laws and handles data responsibly. Accuracy in predicting your period and tracking ovulation is crucial, but not at the expense of your personal information. A reliable period tracker should also provide valuable insights into your overall health. Consider the app’s handling of data, terms of service, and privacy policy.

For the utmost data protection, Euki’s period tracker app stands out as it neither shares nor stores your personal information. This makes Euki highly suitable for those seeking a completely transparent app, especially if data privacy is a major concern. On the other hand, if data privacy isn’t your primary worry, apps like Clue or Flo might be preferable. They are known for more reviews and user satisfaction, offering a different balance of features and community trust. Your choice depends on what matters most to you: unparalleled data security or a tried-and-tested user experience.

Why Need A Period Tracking App?

Period tracking apps play a large role in helping women understand their menstrual cycle better. These apps enable users to track their periods, ovulation, and peak ovulation days, providing valuable information about their fertility window. Through the tracking of symptoms, energy levels, and other health data, users can better manage their menstrual health, track fertility patterns, and monitor changes in energy levels throughout their cycle.

So, whether it’s planning to conceive, tracking symptoms, or managing energy levels, period tracking apps offer a wealth of information to empower women in understanding their bodies.

How They Work

Period tracking apps use technology (data analytics and algorithms) to guess when a user will have their menstrual cycle, fertile days, and ovulation. They do this by looking at the user’s health information, symptoms, and past cycle trends. Users tell the app when their last period started, and the app uses this to make predictions about their menstrual health, when they are most likely to get pregnant, and when they are ovulating. These apps work well because they can track each user’s specific patterns, energy levels, and personal details, offering a complete way to keep track of their menstrual cycle.

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The Top Period Tracker Apps

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular period tracker apps available, exploring their features, user experience, and unique offerings.


Using the Flo app, users can access a range of features, including cycle tracking, fertility predictions, and period insights. This app offers an intuitive user interface, making it easy to input personal information and track menstrual health. With Flo’s pregnancy mode, expectant mothers can monitor their pregnancy progress and receive relevant information tailored to their stage of pregnancy. The app’s privacy policy ensures the secure handling of personal information, giving users peace of mind regarding the privacy of their data.

  • Intuitive user interface for easy navigation
  • Secure handling of personal information, prioritizing data privacy
  • Flo’s pregnancy mode for expectant mothers to track pregnancy progress
  • Personalized period insights, fertility predictions, and menstrual cycle tracking


Clover, a menstrual cycle app, offers users unique cycle patterns, fertility predictions, and period tracking capabilities. With a focus on user satisfaction, Clover aims to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience, allowing women to track their menstrual health effortlessly. The app’s ability to accurately predict period patterns, fertility windows, and unique cycle patterns has garnered positive feedback from users, indicating high levels of satisfaction and reliability.

  • Accurate period predictions, fertility tracking, and unique cycle patterns
  • User-friendly interface for easy data entry and tracking
  • Positive user feedback, reflecting high levels of satisfaction
  • Intuitive app design, ensuring a seamless tracking experience


The Clue app stands out with its period predictions, fertility tracking, and menstrual health insights. With a focus on data privacy, the app ensures the secure handling of personal information, providing users with peace of mind regarding data privacy. Clue’s accurate period predictions and fertility tracking features enable users to gain deeper insights into their menstrual health, ensuring they can plan and manage their life accordingly.

  • Accurate period predictions and fertility tracking capabilities
  • Emphasis on data privacy, ensuring the secure handling of personal information
  • In-depth menstrual health insights for a comprehensive tracking experience
  • User-friendly interface, facilitating easy data input and tracking


Maya, a menstrual cycle tracking app, offers period predictions, fertility tracking, and menstrual health insights. The app prioritizes data privacy, providing users with control over their personal information. Maya’s ability to accurately predict menstrual cycles, fertility patterns, and provide valuable insights into menstrual health has gained the app a loyal user base, highlighting its reliability and effectiveness.

  • Accurate period predictions, fertility tracking, and menstrual health insights
  • Focus on data privacy, allowing users control over their personal information
  • Reliable app, gaining a loyal user base through accurate predictions and insights
  • User-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless tracking experience

Grace Health:

Grace Health, a health tracking app, offers menstrual cycle tracking, fertility insights, and period predictions. With a user-friendly interface, the app allows for easy tracking of health data, fertility patterns, and period predictions. Grace Health ensures data privacy by adhering to a developer’s privacy policy, giving users confidence in the secure handling of personal information. The app’s comprehensive tracking capabilities, combined with its commitment to privacy, make it a reliable choice for women seeking a holistic health tracking experience.

  • Menstrual cycle tracking, fertility insights, and period predictions
  • User-friendly interface, facilitating easy tracking of health data
  • Adherence to a developer’s privacy policy, ensuring data privacy
  • Comprehensive tracking capabilities for a holistic health tracking experience


Euki stands out for its commitment to privacy, ensuring no third-party tracking, making personal data strictly confidential. It’s designed to be inclusive, catering to a wide range of users and their diverse health needs. Additionally, Euki involves its community in app development, offering a user advisory team that contributes to its features and design, emphasizing user-centric development.

  • Comprehensive menstrual cycle tracking.
  • Resources on abortion, contraception, and sexual health.
  • Strict privacy measures, with no third-party tracking.
  • Inclusive design for a wide range of users.
  • Community involvement in app development through a user advisory team.

Data Privacy in Period Tracker Apps

Transition: While period tracker apps offer a plethora of features, data privacy is a significant concern for many users. Let’s explore how period tracker apps handle user information.

How Your Information is Collected

Your personal health data, such as menstrual cycle information, is gathered through period tracker apps based on your input and cycle tracking. Providing personal details, including the first day of your last period, is necessary. These apps may use cycle predictions to collect health data for accurate period predictions. The information collected ensures the app can provide you with precise period predictions.

How Your Information is Stored

Your information is either stored on your phone, or stored within the app servers. Storing your data locally on your device, like on a phone or tablet, means the company can’t use it in ways you might not want. They can’t sell it, share it with others, give it away if asked by law, or accidentally lose it in a security problem. This keeps your information much safer.

How Your Information is Used

By analyzing personal data, period tracker apps predict the next period, ovulation, and fertility window, tailoring the app experience. Health experts utilize cycle tracking data to provide medical advice and insights, including contraception and fertility information. Users can access unlimited resources, including Flo’s pregnancy mode, and track different symptoms. It’s essential to review the developer’s privacy policy and subscription terms for ios and android devices. The information is used for app customization, ensuring a personalized experience with nutrition insights and birth control methods.

Which period tracking app?

Comparing Period Tracker Apps

When comparing period tracker apps, it’s ideal to find the safest bet for tracking your menstrual cycle and fertility signs. Look for apps that offer features like birth control method reminders, accurate predictions, and the ability to track different symptoms. Ensure the app is compatible with your device, whether it’s for Android or iOS. Check if the app offers a free trial or unlimited access through subscriptions. Additionally, review the developer’s privacy policy and consider apps with features like Flo’s pregnancy mode or support for conditions like PCOS.

User Interface and Experience

The app’s interface significantly impacts user engagement and experience. Ease of inputting menstrual cycle data is crucial for user satisfaction. Usability and navigation are key factors influencing overall experience. Accessibility of health information and cycle tracking hinges on interface design. Intuitive app design and layout elevate the user experience, making the best period tracker stand out.

Accuracy in Period Prediction

Accuracy in predicting menstrual cycles varies depending on the tracking method employed by the app. The precision of period predictions is influenced by the app’s data analysis, while the reliability of period and fertility forecasts is determined by its algorithm. Providing accurate predictions is crucial for offering users valuable insights into their menstrual cycle. Additionally, the app’s tracking of cycle patterns significantly impacts the precision of period predictions.

Additional Features

If you’re looking for more than just basic period tracking, various period tracker apps offer a range of additional functionalities. These can include predicting peak ovulation and fertile days, tracking PMS symptoms, energy levels, and sex drive, as well as providing nutritional advice, contraception insights, and cycle history. By offering these extra features, the apps contribute to a comprehensive health tracking experience, catering to a wide range of user needs and preferences.

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In conclusion, choosing the right period tracker app is crucial for ensuring accurate predictions and maintaining your privacy. Our in-depth review of popular period tracking apps, including Flo, Clover, Clue, Maya, and Grace Health, provides insights into their features and user experiences. When it comes to data privacy, it’s important to consider how your information is collected, stored, and used by these apps. Euki, for example, does not store or share your information with anyone.

Additionally, user reviews and feedback play a significant role in determining user satisfaction with these apps. Based on our analysis, the safest bet for a period tracker app would be one that prioritizes user privacy, provides an intuitive user interface, and offers accurate period predictions. Making an informed decision will help you track your menstrual cycle effectively and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Flo app safe to use?

The safety of using the Flo app is unquestionable. It adheres to stringent data privacy and security measures and has received approval from medical professionals. However, for any reproductive health concerns or questions, consulting with a healthcare professional is always recommended.

What period tracking app doesn t sell information?

Looking for a period tracking app that prioritizes your privacy? Consider Clue and Flo, both of which claim not to sell user data. Look for apps with transparent privacy policies and opt-out options for data sharing. It’s also worth considering paid versions or supporting companies with transparent business models. Research and read reviews to find an app that aligns with your privacy values.

Is Apple period tracker safe?

The Apple period tracker is indeed safe to use. It prioritizes user privacy by not sharing data with third parties without consent. Users have full control over the information they input into the tracker, and it even includes privacy features like face or touch ID verification.

How do menstrual calculators work?

Menstrual calculators work by using an algorithm that takes into account average cycle length and period duration to predict future periods. Some apps also offer features to track symptoms, mood, and sexual activity. These calculators can be standalone apps or integrated into larger health tracking platforms. However, it’s important to remember that individual cycles can vary, so they should not be solely relied upon for contraception.

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